The Trumpet4u Advantage

Yamaha Trumpet YTR2320 For Sale

We do not sell used trumpets; we sell reconditioned used trumpets. What is the difference ?

Here is what we think is the Trumpet4u Advantage:
For 12 years we have concentrated on trumpets not trombones or woodwinds and we are trumpet players that have attended NAPBIRT seminars on trumpet dent removal, trumpet servicing, and trumpet valve alignment and repair. This experience and training is used when reconditioning trumpets. Reconditioning includes ensuring that they are clean because used trumpets contain germs and dirt; removing dents and dings that can affect how open the trumpet plays as well as ruin intonation; carefully aligning valves because used trumpets come to us with misaligned valves that cause a trumpet to play stuffy and be very difficult to play with a nice tone and to obtain correct intonation; finally the recondition trumpet is carefully play tested and intonation is checked using a tuner and making sure that valve action is the best that it can be. In addition used trumpets with worn lacquer that look ugly are relacquered so they look good.

Here is what are Customers think the Trumpet4u Advantage is:

I want to express my thanks to you for offering quality used trumpets at a very affordable price. My son started playing the trumpet in his middle school band in September 2010 & had been using a used trumpet provided by the school which did not have a good tone.
Thank you for enabling me to grant his wish of his own trumpet; one that has a rich tone and whose valves move smoothly, and at a price that I could afford. Both he & myself are extremely pleased with the trumpet that we got from you.

< “I am very pleased with my purchase it plays well, it is very clean, and the valves are very responsive. thank you again.”

“I just wanted you to know that the trumpet arrived today and it’s BEAUTIFUL! We couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you, again”

“It has greatly improved my high register and when I’m warmed-up, I can play a double F and I can play high Cs like they are second line Gs. The engravings on the trumpet make it look really nice. I show it off to pretty much everyone I can.”

About Other Reconditioned Student Trumpets:“Just want to let you know how happy we are with the Blessing Trumpet that we got for our son at Christmas. Thanks for the help and advice,” — Arlington, VA
“We received the trumpet today, and it is WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much. I am so happy we found your Web site…you have saved us a lot of money, and it’s so nice that we finally OWN a trumpet, after more than two years of renting.” — Orange, CA

“Received the Blessing ML-1. My nephew loves it. Actually, I think it plays better than my Bach Strad. Good valve action and tone. Thanks for the advice and direction to the Blessing. — Chicago, IL

“Received my trumpet today and was so impressed by your perfection. It is nice and new looking, sounds super and feels good. Thank You again.” — Honolulu, Hawaii

“Thank you so much for the trumpet for my son. I give you a 4-star recommendation for all potential buyers. Excellent prompt service and a high quality instrument.” — San Jose, CA

“Thank you for the beautiful trumpet. Our son’s band teacher gave it a go…and the High School band teacher was there (who also happens to be a trumpet player) and he was extremely impressed with the instrument. He couldn’t believe that it was a used trumpet.” — Norfolk, VA