Bach Omega Trumpets – The Affordable Bach Stradivarius ??

Bach Omega Silver

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Note this information is for the Bach Omega Trumpet MG290 made, I think from 1994 to 2004 and sold for $1200 to $1600. I have serial numbers from 411378 to 596548.  It does not apply for the new Bach Omega Trumpets being manufactured now that use serial numbers with letters like A11111, G22222, etc.


Many people including me often tell parents of advanced students “don’t buy an Intermediate trumpet buy a top level student horn or a professional horn because the intermediate trumpet is just a student trumpet with a few added bells or whistles.” This is bad information when it comes to the Bach Omega Trumpets.

Bach Omega Silver 2

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>Bach Omega Demo:

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These trumpets in my opinion are much closer to the Bach Stradivarius then they are to the best student level trumpets. The Bach TR300, Yamaha 2335, and Blessing B127 and B135 do not come close to the tone and intonation achieved with a Bach Omega.   In addition, the Bach Omega is easier to play in the upper register so that your ability to hit notes above the staff will not be limited by this trumpet.

I was so impressed with a Bach Omega that I repaired for a local student that our budget has been stretched so that we can carry some good used reconditioned silver Bach Omega trumpets. Primarily the valves are what is reconditioned, pistons are hand lapped and hand polished, valve casings are cleaned and hand polished, valve springs, felts and bumpers are replaced with genuine Conn-Selmer Bach Stradivarius Parts since the pistons and valve casings are the same as those on the Bach Stradivarius.

Personally, I like the Bach Omega better than the TR200 so we will not carry the TR200 which is supposed to be the same horn, but I don’t think so.

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