Repair Services – Reshape Crinkled Trumpet or Cornet Bell 2014 $65.00 plus $30 Shipping

Just $65.00 during 2014. Local Customers call 513-755-8695.

Roll out crinkled bell for just $55.00 plus $30.00 shipping. Crone Trumpet has invested in a Dent Machine and all the special rollers so that we can do a professional job on straightening a crinkled or damage trumpet bell.

Unless the bell is severely crinkled it can usually be straightened to its original shape without leaving any marks on the lacquer or silver finish. Our NAPBIRT trained repairman has attended NAPBIRT classes and seminars that included Dent Machine use and special trumpet repair techniques.

Reshaping aTrumpet Bell using the Dent Machine

Feree Dent Machine

In addition, Ralph has attended a Dent Machine Seminar at the Ferree’s Tool plant in Battle Creek, Michigan and another at NAPBIRT in Normal,Illinois.

Since the Dent Machine uses polished rollers with adjustable pressure, it eliminates the need ro use dent hammers and burnishers so the finish is usually unmarked by the process. However, the lacquer or silver finished is often marked by the dent itself but the lubricated rollers will not add to this damage like a dent hammer or burnisher might.

Recent Customer Comment:
> Hope to finish it up and ship it back to you today. It has been
> ultrasonic cleaned and the first cut at fixing the bell went well.
> Just a couple of slight marks remain and they should work out. I do
> not think you will be able to tell that the bell was ever dented.
> Ralph – Crone Trumpet Repair

Hello, got it back today.(11-19-2012) Looks fantastic. Good job. Thanks

Below is a photo of a trumpet bell being reshaped on our Dent Machine:

Here are photos of a crinkled Bell project before reshaping:
Crinkled Trumpet Bell
Crinkled Trumpet Bell Project
Crinkled Trumpet Bell Project

Here are the photos after repair:
Bell After Repair
Bell After Repair

Here are photos of a recent repair (November 2013) of a seriously damaged trumpet bell;

Damaged Bell


Damaged Bell

Here are the photos of the successfully repaired bell:


Repaired Bell

Repaired Bell

Here is a damaged bell that is actually out of round but was perfectly round after repair: (Click on photos for enlarged view.)
Damaged Bell


Damaged Bell

Repaired Bell

Repaired Bell

Shipping Instructions:
We recommend that you ship the trumpet in its case placed in a shipping box with your return address and email address and ship it by UPS Ground Serice and ship it to:
Crone Trumpet
Ralph Crone
37 Jamestown Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241-1435

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