Student Trumpet Used Bundy $200 plus $30 Shipping


Used Bundy Trumpet. Reconditioned and Relacquer Bundy Trumpet with good used case and used mouthpiece just reduced to $300 $200 plus $30 shipping No dents, No worn lacquer, No sticking valves.

Reconditionng is a practical approach to providing a student trumpet that looks good and plays correctly. It is not a restoration of the trumpet to a “like new’ condition.

A like new restoration takes about 3 times the labor and time and according to the prices listed on the internet the cost is $450 or more.

So by taking a more economical approach, we can offer Student Trumpets that look good (but not like new) and play correctly at prices less than the cost of a “like new” restoration that is not practical for student trumpets.

Reconditioning consists of:

removal of major dents
resoldering of loose braces
Ultrasonic chemically cleaning inside and out
stripping of old lacquer
buffing and relacquering
cleaning and polishing of valves and valve casing
realigning valves
replacing valve springs, corks and pads, as required
replacing waterkey corks
freeing and greasing all slides
play testing to ensure valve action is smooth and crisp, and that good tone and correct intonation is obtainable.

This “Designed By Vincent Bach” Bundy this “Selmer” Trumpet  is the standard Bundy Stundent Level trumpet.  It is a good quality student trumpet that offers troublefree operation to the beginning student.  It is an older made in USA trumpet that will out perform and last longer than most imported cheaply made trumpets. This is a good choice if you are not sure your student trumpet player will continue after the first year. If they do you can then move up to a Bach TR300 student-level

Vincent Bach designed the Bundy trumpet for his friend George Bundy. Vincent Bach had unique talents as a musician and engineer and started making Bach Trumpets in 1924. Later both companies (Bach and Bundy) were sold to Selmer which is now Conn-Selmer. Selmer later replaced the Bundy with the Bach 1530; however in my opinion the Bundy is a much better trumpet than the Bach 1530.

The Bundy trumpet plays and sounds very much like the Bach TR300 student trumpet. Also since it was designed by Bach the Bundy structure, valves, and slides are very much like those found on the Bach TR300 trumpet. Since the Bundy is not made now, the models we have are older used trumpets that have been reconditioned and relacquered. Since the valves were also designed by Bach the Bundy has smooth fast valve action and is easy to play in tune with a nice tone and correct intonation.




  • Overall Condition: Used, but very good.
  • Finish: Re-lacquered some marks some minor flaws in the lacquer may be visible under close inspection.
  • Dents/Dings: All Removed.
  • Intonation: Good
  • Color: Brass.
  • Case:  Used Case included.
  • Mouthpiece: Used Mouthpiece included.
  • Sale Price: Just reduced to $300$200
  • Shipping: $30.00 for standard shipping by UPS Ground in the USA.  Normally ships in 4 days after payment is received. Other areas please inquire as to shipping costs before purchasing.
  • Quantity in Stock: 1 completed and several more in work.

Click here to listen to a Demo of this Bundy Trumpet:

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